Goggle Technology.

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  • BLOC® snow goggles are flexible and offer exceptional peripheral vision.
  • Extremely comfortable tri-layer moisture wicking insulated fleece
  • Features BLOC®’s patented spring lock™ easy lens removal systems (equaliser model)
  • Adjustable click3™ nose adjustment to maintain a secure fit (on selected models)
  • OTG option fits over most prescription eyewear: A recess in the tri-layer fleece prevents pressure from the optical arms, and a deeper chamber in the frame allows the glasses to sit in position. (Spirit3 model)
  • Fully adjustable head strap with AST™ non-slip coating.


  • Superior XT™ anti-fog performance dual lens. Features outer polycarbonate lens together with an inner acetate lens providing the solution to combat fogging
  • Vented lens air system (available on selected models)
  • Lens tints available for all weather conditions. 


Goggle Standards

  • BLOC® snow goggles exceed European directive 89/686/Cee in accordance with Ce en 174: 2001. The lenses prevent harmful UVA and UVB rays up to 400nm, ensuring the best possible eye protection and performance.


0Light tint sunglassesLimited reduction of sunglare100 - 80%
1Light and tint sunglassesLimited protection against sunglare80 - 43%
2General purpose sunglassesGood protection against sunglare43 - 18%
3General purpose sunglassesHigh protection against sunglare8 - 18%
4Very dark special purpose sunglasses, very high glare reductionHigh Protection against sunglare, etc sea, snow, desert8 - 3%

Optical Inserts

  • Whilst we do a great range of OTG (over the glasses) goggle frames here
  • Need goggles with a prescription but dont want to use your own glasses underneath your goggles? If that is the case then we offer an optical insert for our Fifty-Five Magnetic interchangeable lens goggles.
  • Made from CR39 acrylic and can be glazed as standard up to 75mm +8.00 to -10.00 Cyls to 6.00. Please contact us for a quote.