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We love hearing from you about your experiences with products, we don’t like hearing about accidents you guys have had whilst out and about though, because they sound like they hurt a lot. When Tony told us about his recent accident on his bicycle this week the first thing that entered our minds was we were glad he was OK, we were also glad that he was wearing BLOC Stealth sunglasses to break his fall otherwise it could have been a very different story.

Whilst on a bike ride on Monday evening, Tony’s front wheel locked up sending him over the handle bars and face first in to the road. The injuries were significant; a broken nose, plastic surgery on his bottom lip and the obligatory bruising and cuts (thank goodness you were wearing a helmet too Tony!!!). He was wearing BLOC sunglasses whilst cycling and damaged these as a result of going over to the handle bars at a fair old force!

Picture of Bloc Sunglasses after surviving impact of cyclist's crash

As you can see from the picture, the glasses have taken a huge impact after being scrapped on along the tarmac. The fantastic thing to see is that they gave Tony the protection he needed, Tony says “I could have been blind or had facial scarring if I hadn’t been wearing my BLOC’s!” Scary thought. Tony says “please keep making your amazing glasses” and we will of course keep on making them!

We’re glad to have you on the mend, Tony!

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