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When you’re preparing  to hit the slopes or the trails, it’s vital your eyewear is up for the task. So many  fall into the trap of waiting till they’re at their destination to pick up a pair of goggles, only to find out they’re not right for the conditions ahead. Rather than take the risk, it’s better to do your research and find the right goggles for you.

Here at BLOC, our goggles collection combines our innovative lens technology with stylish, comfortable designs. Wherever you’re heading, we’ve got the goggles you need to get the most out of your surroundings.

Before you buy your goggles, here’s what you’re going to need to know.

  • What will the conditions be like where you’re going?
  • What lens colour do you need?
  • Are they compatible with your existing gear?
  • Will they be comfortable?
  • What lens technology do you need?

To find the right fit for you, let’s take a look at the goggle features that you need to consider.



The type of frame you choose is crucial when buying goggles. With this in mind, the frame must be able to handle the conditions you’re facing and be comfortable when worn. Luckily at BLOC, our goggle frame choices are designed to do just that!

Frame size and shape is important, and the best way to judge which size or shape of frame you need is to try them on with your helmet.  If this isn’t possible a good guide is to go by your helmet size. If you wear a small, you may find a you need a small goggle.  If you’re helmet is larger, opt for a medium or large goggle.

Large or oversized goggles are ideal for those looking for more peripheral vision as the larger frame size will accommodate more lens. These goggles are ideal for those taking part in winter sports (especially snowboarding) as it gives you more scope of what’s around you and helps when tracking the ground.


OTG Gloggles

If you need to wear prescription eyewear with your goggles, OTG (over the glasses) goggles are a great choice. OTG goggles offer a specially designed frame that accommodates both the lenses and the arms of your prescription eyewear. Thanks to the design, OTG goggles will not put pressure on your existing eyewear, offering comfort and a cheaper alternative to buying custom prescription goggles!


Comfort is key when choosing the right pair of goggles and you need to make sure that the frame you choose offers comfortable face foam for a snug, consistent fit. All BLOC goggles are fitted with tri-fleece injected thermo face foam, designed to offer comfort and warmth whilst also keeping moisture from the face.


Goggles have an adjustable strap which makes it easy for you to secure them to your face. The clip should not dig into your head and if pulled all the way, the strap should not be loose. BLOC goggles have dual adjustment straps to ensure that your goggles stay close to your face all day long. Several models have the quick release feature. Allowing the strap to be completely removed for cleaning.


It’s imperative to ensure that your goggles are compatible with the rest of your gear and the right goggles should fit smoothly on your face with the strap around your helmet. The majority of goggles are helmet compatible but if you find that your frame doesn’t feel secure on your face, you may need a different model.




Once you have the right frame in mind for your goggles, the next step is to find the right lenses for the conditions you’re facing. Both the technology and the colour of your lenses play a part in creating the right match for your terrain. Whether it’s skiing or mountain biking your goal is to find lenses that offer the right visible light protection, colour definition, contrast, depth and eye protection. Sounds tricky doesn’t it? Luckily at BLOC we’ve made it easy for you to select the right lenses for your sport.

Let’s go over some of the key lens elements…


Category 2 Lenses


Goggles with category 2 lenses are a great all-rounder and ideal for low to medium light conditions in the mountains. These goggles are suitable for most light conditions with the exception of very bright or very dull days.

Category 3 Lenses


Category 3 lenses are ideal for bright light conditions and offer greater protection from UV and strong light during skiing and other sports. Usually darker tinted than Category 2 lenses, these lenses are perfect for conditions where glare could hinder your view.

Mirrored Lenses

Mirrored lenses help to reduce UV glare by advancing the UV protection on the lens. Mirrored lenses are ideal for those taking part in mountaineering and are coated to reflect a greater amount of light than a non-mirrored lens, offering increased visibility and clarity.

Photochromic Lenses

Photochromic lenses automatically adjust to changing light conditions. When faced with stronger UV light the lenses darken and when there’s less UV they lighten, creating a truly versatile eyewear option. You can purchase either photochromic category 1-2 lenses or photochromic category 2-3 lenses at BLOC.

Interchangeable Lenses

Interchangeable lenses allow you to easily swap out different coloured lenses to suit your conditions. A great option for those heading to unpredictable environments.


The amount of light that reaches your eyes through the lens is called visible light transmission (VLT) and the colour of your lens plays an important role in emphasizing and filtering your vision.

Light colour lenses have a higher VLT as they allow more light to pass through the lens. For a cloudy day choose goggles with yellow, gold, green or rose coloured lenses.

Darker lenses have lower VLT as they restrict the light passing through the lens, on brighter days, brown, gray or copper lenses are ideal for reducing your VLT.



Once you have your goggles, it’s important that you know how to take care of them. We asked our experts for their top tips for goggle storage and care.

  • Never store or dry goggles in high heat or direct sunlight.
  • Place your goggles in the soft protective sack provided, when not in use.
  • If you’re hitting the slopes, allow your goggles to thoroughly air dry before putting them away.
  • If you need to clean your goggles, use a soft cloth to blot the lenses. Wiping them could cause damage to the anti-fog coating on the inside of the lens.
  • Always place your goggles with the lens facing up, hard surfaces can cause damage to the lens.


Wherever you’re heading, or whatever you’re doing – you can find the perfect ski goggles at BLOC today. Our goggles are flexible and offer exceptional peripheral vision with fully adjustable head straps with AST™ non-slip coating.

For more information, take a look at our guide to our innovative lens technology.


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